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8 Reasons Why You Should Be a Speaker at IIDEXCanada

8 Reasons Why You Should Be a Speaker at IIDEXCanada

IIDEXCanada, Canada’s national design and architecture exposition and conference attracts thousands of Canadian and international attendees from across all facets of the architecture and design profession, every year in late fall for two days of leadership, learning and forecasting, and innovation as it relates to the state of the built environment.

Why should you be a speaker?

IIDEXCanada, part of The Buildings Show, it is the perfect platform from which to launch your research and insight to help shape the growth of this industry to an audience seeking leadership and inspiration in their work.

Eight reasons for why you should be a speaker at IIDEXCanada 2017.

There are many reasons, whether they are professional and personal, as to why you should consider being a speaker at IIDEXCanada. Let us help you make that decision!

1.Demonstrate your leadership
As an expert in your field, speaking at IIDEXCanada is a great opportunity to share your insights with an audience looking for inspiration. As a speaker and influencer, sharing your knowledge at IIDEXCanada gives you a platform to reach new audiences and communicate your message. It will increase your exposure, and you could be picked up in the media.

Be a speaker at IIDEXCanada 2017

2. Connect with collaborators
Attendees sign up for seminars to learn what their industry colleagues are working on. They want to hear about what you have to say on a subject that they too may be tackling or want to learn more about. Leave with new contacts and potential collaborators who can help you take your research in a new direction.

3. Grow your network
More than 30,500 people attended The Buildings Show last year. Industry influencers, experts, thought leaders and practitioners visit the Show to be immersed in design and inspired by the latest innovation in products, services and ideas. Meet with design-thinkers from across Canada and the across the globe to expand your network and satisfy your curiosity for where the industry is headed. 

4. Find out what the industry thinks
Get direct feedback from seminar attendees on how they would use your research in their daily work lives. Evaluate crucial input that you may not have originally considered and brainstorm ways of taking your research to the next level.  

Be a speaker at IIDEXCanada

5. Practice what you preach
Showcase your research and share case studies of your work in action. Highlight your success stories and best practices to set your audience up for to success if they are considering adopting your findings in their daily practice.

6. Get inspired
As a speaker at IIDEXCanada, you can attend up to five additional seminars. Gain inspiration from other speakers and audience members to inform your research or come up with new ideas to explore and apply to your work.

Be a speaker at IIDEXCanada 2017

7. Get your name out there
Gain exposure to our community of more than 2 million industry professionals from across the built environment including designers, architects, facility managers, builders, contractors and more.

8. IIDEXCanada is a lot of fun
We may be biased but we think coming to IIDEXCanada is a great way to connect with old friends and make new ones. Inspiring keynotes, beautiful and informative special features, amazing innovative products from our exhibitors —all brought together for the two days of the Show. Immerse yourself in a hotbed of professional development.

Be a speaker at IIDEXCanada 2017

The IIDEXCanada 2017 Call for Presentations closes on April 3, 2017.

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