2016 Seminar Timetable

Materials in Context: Priorities and Criteria for Selection

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Time Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 09:00 - 10:00
Category:Architecture, Interior Design, Materials + Textiles
IDCEC #SE-10418-151; OAA Continuing Education

Picking materials is no longer a simple decision based on the design principles of form, colour and function. 
It is a complex web of strategies that requires navigating information and people.
It requires an understanding of regulations, standards and technical specifications and design in order to create healthy built environments that are beautiful and sustainable.
The intent of this presentation is to demystify material selections and provide a clear path of decision making by defining the new language of materials.


  • Gabrielle Rossit
    Senior Interior designer, Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc.

    Gabrielle has a passion for understanding materials and is dedicated to working together with all disciplines to ensure a sustainable, unified and holistic approach to the built environment. Her career has focused on working with multi-disciplinary teams on large scale institutional projects within the P3 process. She has LEED AP ID&C accreditation and is a graduate from Ryerson University’s Interior Design BAA program.